Terrarium Tales is the result of an artist discovering the joy of plants. In 2016,  Terrarium Tales was born. Artisan Terrariums using both moss and succulents were the first products. From there, kokedamas began adding to the story of living art. Terrarium Tales’ goal is to spread green art throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Creating Kokedamas and Terrariums is a stress reliever that helps people get back to nature. Terrarium Tales hosts Terrarium building and Kokedama assembling workshops. These workshops address the needs of today’s society to slow done and take some time out for oneself.



Allison Hunter is a self-taught artists with over 20 years of experience. She paints, draws, and creates moss art. Allison likes to bring a sense of whimsy to all of her creations. This whimsy can be seen in her terrariums by adding a figurine to each. From terrariums to kokedamas to moss art, Allison is able to incorporate her love of art with elements of nature.






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